Download E-books Omen (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi, Bk 2) PDF

By Christie Golden

The Jedi Order is in drawback. The overdue Jacen Solo’s stunning transformation into murderous Sith Lord Darth Caedus has solid a damning pall over those that wield the strength for sturdy: Jedi Knights have succumbed to an inexplicable and unsafe psychosis, felony fees have pushed Luke Skywalker into self-imposed exile, and power-hungry leader of country Natasi Daala is exploiting anti-Jedi sentiment to undermine the Order’s effect in the Galactic Alliance.

Forbidden to intrude in Jedi affairs, Luke is on a determined venture to discover the reality at the back of Jacen’s fall to the darkish side–and to benefit what’s turning peaceable Jedi into raving lunatics. yet discovering solutions will suggest venturing into the mind-bending area of the Kathol Rift and bargaining with an alien species as prone to wreck outsiders as care for them. nonetheless, there's no different selection and no time to lose, because the catastrophic occasions on Coruscant proceed to expand. suffering from an analogous violent dementia that contaminated her brother, Valin, Jedi Knight Jysella Horn faces an both grim destiny after her catch by way of Natasi Daala’s police. And while Han and Leia Solo narrowly foil one other deranged Jedi bent on lethal destruction, even performing Jedi Grand grasp Kenth Hamner appears to be like prepared to bow to Daala’s iron will–at the fee of the Jedi Order.

But a fair better danger is looming. Millennia long ago, a Sith starship crashed on an unknown low-tech planet, leaving the survivors stranded. Over the generations, their numbers have grown, the methods of the darkish aspect were nurtured, and the time is quick impending whilst this misplaced tribe of Sith will once again take to the celebrities to reclaim their mythical future as rulers of the galaxy. just one factor stands of their manner, a reputation whispered to them throughout the strength: Skywalker.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Download E-books Prometheus Road PDF

By Bruce Balfour

Bruce Balfour, nationwide bestselling writer of The Forge of Mars and The electronic useless, transports readers to a destiny Earth--and a digital truth hell...

Tom has regularly lived within the shadow of Nova Olympus--a mountain that marks have been the gods solid the heathen urban of San Francisco into the ocean centuries in the past. He can't face up to the attract of the forbidden zones close to the sunken urban, and the infrequent relics of the folks who lived there.

Tom's defiance brings down the wrath of the gods and sends him operating for his lifestyles, his purely pal a mysterious hermit who can provide him a secure haven. even if, there is not any refuge and Tom discovers that the gods are a lie--they are man made intelligences created by means of a humanity they now regulate. in simple terms Tom can persist with the Prometheus highway, a terrifying, mystical pathway that would lead him from a face-off with enemies which are half-human, half-machine to a digital fact battleground the place war-faring laptop courses call for Tom's destruction.

In a destiny northern California farm group strictly ruled through a council of unseen synthetic intelligences often called the kingdom, Tom Eliot is a perilous anomaly, an adventuresome 20-year-old who scavenges one of the forbidden zones close to the submerged ruins of San Francisco. in the course of one nocturnal foray, Tom draws the unwelcome realization of the community's overseers and unwittingly summons a nanobomb that destroys his kin. at the run from Dominion cyborgs, Tom is taken below the wing of eccentric hermit Magnus, who enlightens him at the violent historical past of the kingdom and mentors him in navigating a daunting, Dominion-based digital international referred to as the Stronghold. together with his expertise for subterfuge, Tom can be humanity's final wish to stroll a digital "Prometheus highway" and achieve backdoor access into the Stronghold and the facility to do away with Dominion oppression. Balfour's quirky characters and suspenseful narration increase the accepted sf topic of humanity enslaved by means of wayward computing device expertise above the extent of the regimen, making for needs to examining for virtual-reality enthusiasts. --Carl Hays
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Download E-books The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century PDF

Kim Stanley Robinson-The fortunate Strike Nicholas A. DiChario-The Winterberry Harry Turtledove-Islands within the Sea Susan Shwartz-Suppose They Gave a Peace Larry Niven-All the Myriad methods Greg Bear-The street No Whither Gregory Benford-Manassas, back Jack L. Chalker-Dance Band at the huge Ward Moore-Bring the Jubilee Poul Anderson-Eutopia William Sanders-The Undiscovered Bruce Sterling & Lewis Shiner-Mozart in Mirrorshades Allen Steele-The loss of life of Captain destiny Brad Linaweaver-Moon of Ice

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Download E-books The Witch Goddess (Horseclans) PDF

By Robert Adams

The story is determined in precataclysmic North the United States, nearly six hundred years after nuclear conflict, man-induced plagues, and around the world seismic disturbances have thrown humanity right into a brutal pre-industrial age. a lot of California and the East Coast have sunk into the ocean. What is still of the jap states, from Canada to Georgia, has been settled by way of waves of dark-skinned and dark-haired adventurers from Europe (Spaniards, Greeks, Armenians, etc.) referred to as the Ehleenee. whereas those early settlers have been in the beginning rugged warring parties within the mildew of Athenians and Spartans, over the centuries they grew to become little greater than decadent dictators ruling over downtrodden peasant farmers

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Download E-books Deep Space: Star Carrier: Book Four (Star Carrier Series) PDF

By Ian Douglas

The fourth booklet within the well known Star Carrier technology fiction sequence, Deep Space via Ian Douglas is an action-packed story of humankind's fight to deliver down an evil empire that spans the universe.

Twenty years after the delicate truce with the Sh’daar, Koenig is now President of the USNA, and grey is skipper of the CVS America... quickly to be promoted to commander of the complete conflict staff, Koenig’s outdated place, and one that he will not be prepared for. The truce with the alien Sh’daar is unraveling as many anticipated, and Humankind nonetheless is aware little approximately them, or what they are.

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Download E-books Semper Human: Book Three of the Inheritance Trilogy PDF

By Ian Douglas

The ultimate conflict

Chaos has erupted through the recognized galaxy, threatening numerous colonies and orbital habitats—as the Associative struggles vainly to maintain the peace. severe measures are known as for in those occasions of dire difficulty, and the famous person Marines are woke up from their voluntary 850-year cybe-hibe sleep. yet basic Trevor Garroway and his warriors are approximately to find that the outdated ideas of engagement have significantly replaced . . .

The finish starts off with an old-style attack on rebels on the Tarantula Stargate. yet actual terror looms on the edges of identified fact. Humankind's everlasting enemy—the brutal, unstoppable Xul—approaches, wielding a weapon gigantic past imagining. unexpectedly not just is the long run in jeopardy, however the earlier is as well—and if the Marines fail to cast off their relentless xenophobic foe as soon as and for all, the good Annihilator will obliterate each final hint of human existence.

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