Download E-books Mudras of India: A Comprehensive Guide to the Hand Gestures of Yoga and Indian Dance PDF

By Cain Carroll, Revital Carroll

For millions of years hand mudras were utilized in India for therapeutic, storytelling, emotional expression, and to awaken and bring increased non secular states. For the 1st time, the frilly approach of mudras-as utilized in yoga and Indian dance-has been geared up right into a finished, fully-indexed and cross-referenced layout that permits readers entry to this nonetheless esoteric physique of knowledge.

Mudras of India provides over 2 hundred photographed hand mudras each one with precise directions on procedure, software, healthiness and non secular merits and ancient historical past. The authors have broadly researched using mudras and their value within the higher context of Indian religious platforms, and brought painstaking efforts to make sure every one mudra is rendered with right Sanskrit identify, transliteration and translation to English. a brand new bankruptcy that comprehensively lists some great benefits of hand mudras, overlaying significant future health issues to boot religious and psycho-energetic different types, has been further for the paperback edition.

The e-book will attract religious seekers, scholars and lecturers of yoga and Indian Dance, students and lay humans, and a person attracted to the wealthy cultural history of Indian mudras, and the transformative results of those robust hand gestures.

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Download E-books Rammohun Roy and the Making of Victorian Britain (Palgrave Studies in Cultural and Intellectual History) PDF

This booklet investigates Rammohun Roy as a transnational superstar. It examines the function of spiritual heterodoxy - relatively Christian Unitarianism - in remodeling a colonial outsider into an imagined member of the rising Victorian social order  It makes use of his repute to shed clean gentle on nineteenth-century British reformers, together with advocates of liberty of the click, early feminists, loose exchange imperialists, and constitutional reformers corresponding to Jeremy Bentham.  Rammohun Roy's highbrow agendas also are interrogated, really how he hired Unitarianism and the British satiric culture to undermine colonial rule in Bengal and provincialize England as a laggard kingdom within the growth in the direction of rational faith and political liberty.

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Download E-books Hindu Predictive Astrology PDF

Hindu Predictive Astrology goals at growing enough expertise approximately astrology and its ideas. Hindu astrology is handled particularly generally during this booklet. The examine of astrology and its value occupies the first actual bankruptcy of the e-book therefore. subsequent, the readers are brought to the sun and zodiac structures and their impression on Hindu astrology. the subsequent chapters department into the elemental options, which come with Hindu planets, dimensions of time, constellations and solar symptoms in addition to the features of assorted symptoms of the zodiac. Astrological phrases also are delineated sincerely as well as Hindu methodologies for horoscope description. different subject matters of analysis comprise the actual and effort kingdom of other planets and horoscope casting through the Western method. another themes of research contain delivery affirmation, sub-periods, and Shadvargas.

a number of the chapters in Hindu Predictive Astrology comprise Hindu Time degree, Marakas or demise causing Planets, Key-Planets for every signal, Hindu approach to Casting the Horoscope, Planets, symptoms and Constellations, scientific Astrology, Planets in several Bhavas or homes, Annual Horoscopes, On beginning Verification and Rectification, and Prasna Sastra or Horary Astrology. Chapters corresponding to The Ashtakavarga process, useful Horoscopes, Judgement of a Horoscope, a few precise Yogas, Dasas and Bhuktis (Periods and sub-periods), Planets in numerous Rasis or indicators, Gocharaphala or result of Transits, and resource and Nature of loss of life also are integrated within the publication. Readers also are taught horoscope evaluation and are expert approximately planets which are the reason for dying. different convenient details in Hindu Predictive Astrology relates to the effect of sub-periods and classes, the Ashtakavarga horoscope method, assorted homes for planets and the categories of demise. The e-book takes a detailed verify rules and rules on the topic of Hindu astrology to boot.

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Download E-books Yoga and Psychology: Language, Memory, and Mysticism (Suny Series in Religious Studies) PDF

By Harold G. Coward

Harold Coward explores how the mental facets of Yoga philosophy were very important to highbrow advancements either East and West. Foundational for Hindu, Jaina, and Buddhist concept and religious perform, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the classical assertion of japanese Yoga, are targeted of their emphasis at the nature and value of mental tactics. Yoga's effect is explored within the paintings of either the seminal Indian philosopher Bhartrhari (c. six hundred C.E.) and between key figures in Western psychology: founders Freud and Jung, in addition to modern transpersonalists akin to Washburn, Tart, and Ornstein..
Coward indicates how the yogic idea of mental strategies makes Bhartrhari's philosophy of language and his theology of revelation attainable. He is going directly to discover how Western psychology has been motivated by way of incorporating or rejecting Patanjali's Yoga. the results of those developments in Western proposal for mysticism and reminiscence are tested in addition. This research leads to a awesome perception, particularly, that there's a the most important distinction among japanese and Western suggestion with reference to how constrained or perfectible human nature is the West holding that we as people are psychologically, philosophically, and spiritually constrained or fallacious in nature and hence now not perfectible, whereas Patanjali's Yoga and japanese suggestion in most cases preserve the other. assorted Western responses to the japanese place are famous, from entire rejection by way of Freud, Jung, and Hick, to various levels of reputation by way of transpersonal thinkers."

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Download E-books The Holy Science (Self-Realization Fellowship) PDF

By Swami Sri Yukteswar

This notable treatise explores parallel passages from the Bible and the Hindu scriptures to bare the basic cohesion of all religions. Swami Sri Yukteswar is popular because the respected guru of the nice pioneer of yoga within the West, Paramahansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi). during this outstanding paintings - composed within the 12 months 1894 on the request of the nice Indian sage, Mahavatar Babaji - Sri Yukteswar outlines the common course that each individual needs to shuttle to enlightenment. He additionally explains the immense habitual cycles of heritage - the yugas that mark the upward ascent of human attention over millenniums - amid the ever-changing landscape of turbulent global occasions.

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Download E-books Sati, the Blessing and the Curse: The Burning of Wives in India PDF

Numerous years in the past in Rajasthan, an eighteen-year-old girl used to be burned on her husband's funeral pyre and therefore turned sati. earlier than ascending the pyre, she was once anticipated to convey either advantages and curses: advantages to protect her relations and extended family for plenty of generations, and curses to avoid a person from thwarting her wish to die. Sati additionally skill blessing and curse in a broader experience. to people who revere it, sati symbolizes final loyalty and self-sacrifice. It usually figures close to the center of a Hindu id that feels embattled in a contemporary international. but to those that deplore it, sati is a curse, a contravention of each woman's womanhood. it's homicide mystified, and as such, the logo of accurately what Hinduism are usually not be.

In this quantity a gaggle of major students think about the numerous meanings of sati: in India and the West; in literature, paintings, and opera; in faith, psychology, economics, and politics. With individuals who're either Indian and American, this can be a certainly binational, postcolonial dialogue. participants comprise Karen Brown, Paul Courtright, Vidya Dehejia, Ainslie Embree, Dorothy Figueira, Lindsey Harlan, John Hawley, Robin Lewis, Ashis Nandy, and Veena Talwar Oldenburg.

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Download E-books Religious Therapeutics: Body and Health in Yoga, Ayurveda, and Tantra (SUNY Series in Religious Studies) (Suny Series, Religious Studies) PDF

By Gregory P. Fields

Non secular Therapeutics explores the connection among psychophysical health and wellbeing and non secular healthiness and offers a version for examining connections among faith and drugs in global traditions. This version emerges from the work's research of healthiness and religiousness in classical Yoga, AÖyurveda, and Tantra-three Hindu traditions noteworthy for the significant function they accord the physique. writer Gregory P. Fields compares Anglo-European and Indian philosophies of physique and healthiness and makes use of fifteen determinants of well-being excavated from texts of historic Hindu medication to teach that future health issues the individual, now not the physique or body/mind by myself. This ebook elucidates multifaceted perspectives of overall healthiness, and-in the context of spirituality and healing-explores topics equivalent to psychological healthiness, meditation, and tune.

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Download E-books Inside the Yoga Sutras: A Comprehensive Sourcebook for the Study & Practice of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras PDF

By Jaganath Carrera

Inside the Yoga Sutras provides a transparent, updated point of view in this vintage textual content of Yoga concept and practice.. This entire sourcebook comprises: statement for every sutra, broad pass referencing, a sutras-by-subject index, a learn consultant for either lecturers and scholars, a word-for-word dictionary, tricks for day-by-day perform, and an better word list.

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